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majid ashouri schrieb am 17.09.2015 um 12:49 Uhr Hier klicken um majid ashouri eine E-Mail zu schreiben.
Violin to buy ,
I love my 1955 Ehr violin

Beverley Kuc schrieb am 16.07.2015 um 22:14 Uhr Hier klicken um Beverley Kuc eine E-Mail zu schreiben.
I have a 1983 Ernst Heinrich Roth which my parents bought for me in cape Town, South
Africa. I have been playing it since it was bought in 1985 and did my grade 8 on it many
years ago. Now I use it playing in the church music group each week. It emigrated with
me to London in 2004 and has some war wounds from the bow during the flight. Still, It is
a lovely instrument - thank you for the joy it has brought me.

2martinhe schrieb am 05.07.2014 um 16:28 Uhr Hier klicken um 2martinhe eine E-Mail zu schreiben.
Vor Kurzem ersteigerte ich eine Kopie Stradivarius 1714, legte Hand an, das ich sie nicht mehr von ihr lasse. Die nächste Stufe ist eine Roth.

Richard Gire schrieb am 17.05.2014 um 04:05 Uhr Hier klicken um Richard Gire eine E-Mail zu schreiben.

Just purchased a beautiful blonde violin made by Ernst Heinrich Roth III in 1966 in
Bubenreuth/Erlangen. Purchased from Jim Davis of Strings and Things in Cincinnati,
Ohio, USA. Absolutely beautiful and layered sound. Very easy to play. Almost no
pressure of the bow produces a great sound!! A masterpiece! I am very pleased to
have a violin made by your family.

Best Regards,

Richard Gire

Susanne schrieb am 12.04.2014 um 17:50 Uhr Hier klicken um Susanne eine E-Mail zu schreiben.
Hallo Willy,

Deine Internetseiten finde ich wirklich klasse, weiter so ))


Martha Remen Payne schrieb am 11.10.2013 um 07:47 Uhr Hier klicken um Martha Remen Payne eine E-Mail zu schreiben.
I am 61 years old and my parents bought a Roth violin for me when I was approximately 11 years old. We lived in Kansas City, MO at that time. A man at a music store in Memphis, TN (where I currently live) told me that I had a very nice violin. The label inside is difficult to read, in a cursive writing with the spelling a little different. It seems to indicate that it was from Ernst Heinrich Roth 1954, Bubenreuth/Erlangen. I love my violin and am glad to finally know its origin. Thank you.

Patricia Mrstik schrieb am 20.08.2013 um 18:27 Uhr Hier klicken um Patricia Mrstik eine E-Mail zu schreiben.
Just aquired a Roth violin from the 1920's . Love the sound.

Jule schrieb am 16.05.2013 um 11:29 Uhr Hier klicken um Jule eine E-Mail zu schreiben.
Vielen Dank für meine tolle 44er EHR, die ich seit über 15 Jahren spiele. Ich liebe den Klang! Macht weiter so!

Jule /Dresden

Keith Sheffer schrieb am 13.05.2013 um 22:00 Uhr Hier klicken um Keith Sheffer eine E-Mail zu schreiben.
Cheers from Canada.
I love my 1955 EHR Violin!


Michael Winchester schrieb am 28.01.2013 um 05:01 Uhr Hier klicken um Michael Winchester eine E-Mail zu schreiben.
Hello Markneukirchen,
I truly appreciate my 1949 EHR. I purchased the beauty in Boulder, Colorado in 1985 and it's been hummin' ever since. My violin has lived through two floods and a roll-over car accident. She must be my good luck charm. I hope to pass her on to another loving musician, as she will be around long after I am. THANK YOU

Mike (Chicago, IL, USA)

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